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We can design or decline the pattern of your choice for use with a glass cabochon and create the jewel or accessory that you want.

So unlike the great majority of "jewelry designers" as you can see on Etsy and other websites, we do not buy ready-made cabochons or boards of drawings, but we design the patterns, which allows us to offer you items seen nowhere else, including tailor-made jewels created just for you, even with your own artwork ...

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Designs examples


Generally, we work on a black background with a white pattern, for a silver or shiny black setting, or yellow, for a bronze or gold setting.
You are free to choose your favorite colors.
Blue is often requested, which explains its presence in our examples.

If you want a custom pattern, it is essential that the result is legible, especially for small cabochons (Ø12mm for example for earrings), ie:
- not too complex and
- with enough contrast.

In illustration, if we propose Ø8mm cabochons in the shop, we rarely offer these models online: once put under glass, the motif is sometimes not very visible in the end.

We prefer your satisfaction rather than your disappointment.

As indicated in our Frequently Asked Questions, with the quantity of patterns and possible combinations, in colors, sizes, types of jewelry and accessories, we are limited in the choice offered on these pages.
But it will be with great pleasure that we will receive your requests, by mail or using the "social" networks.