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Tartan jewels La Blanche Hermine

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La Blanche Hermine creates tartan patterns by simulating the thread-by-thread weaving of the fabric.

If there is software on the net that allows you to view a tartan from its threadcount (i.e. the definition of the pattern: the succession of a quantity of threads of a certain color), we only use our one infographic tool in order to control the whole design process.

We are therefore able to make jewelry and accessories, including kilt brooches, cufflinks, tie pins or the like, from a given tartan.

The tartans designed to date, which match the kilt we wear in the store (yes we do) or for a specific order:
- Black Watch
- Brittany National
- Douglas, Green (Wilsons)
- Haymarket Check
- Heritage of Scotland
- Irish National
- MacLachlan (Chief's Dress)
- Pride of Scotland
- Royal Stewart #2
- Saint Patrick
- Wallace
- Yamaguchi Tsutomu

Is your favorite tartan on this list but not presented as a jewel? Or is it not in this list?
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