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Celtic crosses

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Here is a selection of jewelry with Celtic cross pendant.
Mounted mainly as a necklace, but also as earrings, our Celtic crosses pendants, mainly in silver metal, but also gold or bronze, will be a gift that will appeal to those with a Celtic spirit.

The Celtic cross

The Celtic cross is a cross in which a ring is inscribed, the branches of the cross protruding from the outer circle.

This type of cross is found in Ireland, but also among the first Christianized of the continental Germanic peoples.

The ring behind the cross can be named as a solar ring.
When the branches of the cross do not go beyond the circles, this cross is often named "solar cross", "sun cross" or even "wheel cross", as it can represent the solar chariot present in many religions.

In heraldry, a Celtic cross is called a cross nimbée (ie haloed).

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Some people name this cross "druidic cross" or "cross of the druids", and we believe this is a fundamental error.

According to the trifunctional hypothesis of Indo-European societies developed by Georges Dumézil, Celtic sociogony was structured by classes:
1. the priest function linked to the sacred, druids and bards, such as Taliesin or Merlin,
2. the warrior function linked to the defense of the people, such as King Arthur, or the heroes Lancelot and Cúchulainn,
3. the production function linked to work, from agriculture to crafts.

The Druids being therefore the "priests" of Celtic paganism, they were in opposition to the Christian evangelizers, the best known of them being Saint Patrick and Saint Colomba.

To qualify such a cross as "druidic" is the same as to speak of "David's cross of the imams" or of "capitalist hammer & sickle" ...

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