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What metal is the jewelry in?

Will the metal darken over time?

What if I'm allergic?

Can I have a different composition of a piece of jewelry?

Are all your items in stock?

Why does the site have fewer items than the store?

Do you have a catalog of all your designs?

Why does the color on the photo differ from that of the text?

I would like to give a gift, is it possible?

What payment methods do you accept?

When will I receive my order?

Why do some articles show defaults?

My jewelry broke, what should I do?

Are you on "social" networks?

What if I can't find the answer to my question?

What metal is the jewelry made from?

The composition of the jewel is indicated on each sheet.

The metals used are those commonly found in costume jewelry:
- iron,
- stainless steel,
- copper,
- alloy.

When we talk about "alloy", and you will often find on jewelry sites the mention "zinc alloy", it is most often ZAMAC (acronym of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper). It is widely used for its stability, its decorability, its resistance to corrosion and its 100% reusability. It is notably the metal used for cosmetic caps.
These alloys are not supposed to contain lead, nickel or cadmium.

If the jewel is made up of different parts (the necklace and the pendant for example), we indicate the composition of each element.
But if the elements are welded (a ring for example), only one of them will be quoted.

Furthermore, we do not indicate anywhere on our products the words "gold plated" or "silver plated" but only " plated". "gold" or "silver" indicates only the color
In France, the standards impose a thickness of 3 µm of gold or silver to deserve this mention, which we cannot guarantee.

Finally, several wholesalers sell the same article but with different compositions. We do our best ...

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Will the metal darken over time?

The blackening of the metal over time is a normal process of oxidation.

Depending on your skin type, your environment and your activity (sport, beach, etc.), it will go more or less quickly.

Remember to maintain your jewelry regularly, especially by cleaning it with a soft cloth moistened with a solution of baking soda (a teaspoon in a large glass of water). This product has the advantage of being harmless for your hands as well as for metal, glass or stones.

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What if I'm allergic?

The tolerance to contact with metal varies widely from one person to another.
The same applies to the composition of metals and their possible plating.

We sometimes meet clients intolerant to gold and / or silver and who are specifically looking for ZAMAC ...

The merchants who indicate the mention "hypoallergenic" on their jewelry with metal part(s) are not honest.

In store and online, La Blanche Hermine has a frank speech and prefers abstaining rather than regretting.

In case of redness, do not wear the jewelry for a few days to verify that it is the cause. A change of environment or for example an insect bite can also generate the same symptoms.

La Blanche Hermine can supply earring hooks in 925 silver or 14K gold plated.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Can I have a different composition of a piece of jewelry?

This is the very concept of the La Blanche Hermine physical shop!

You like a pattern, but you want for example:
- another range of colors (in turquoise & white instead of red & yellow),
- another color of metal (silver instead of bronze),
- another assembly (earrings with hooks instead of sleepers), contact us!
This customization service is offered to you at no additional cost. < / p>

You can also ask us for example:
- another size (a ring with motif under glass cabochon of Ø18mm instead of Ø12mm),
- another piece of jewelry or accessory (a pattern mounted on a key ring instead of a pendant),
- another pattern (from our design or yours),
we will send you a quote very quickly.

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Are all your items in stock?

All La Blanche Hermine items are in stock and available at the physical store. This is not dropshipping.

Either the jewel or the accessory is already assembled, or it can be assembled in less than 5 minutes, which makes it possible to compose a personalized article, for example for a necklace (chain or braided cotton), a pendant setting (more or less thin or ornamented), an earring mounting (hook or loop), etc., at no additional cost.

Concerning the jewelry with pattern under glass cabochon, we only have a few pieces in stock of each pattern & size, pieces which may become unavailable after a purchase in the physical store.
These pieces are then recreated the same evening to be available again the next day. There will then be no impact on the time taken to prepare your order.
Hand painted cabochon jewelry requires a longer drying time and will be shipped 3 to 4 days from the date of your order. We will of course alert you of this additional delay.

If, however, an item is no longer tracked and unfortunately remains displayed for sale, we offer you a standard exchange or a refund.

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Why does the web site show fewer items than the store?

So you saw in the shop the quantity of patterns, metal charms and glass cabochons, of different sizes and mounted in various jewelry and accessories. This ultimately results in hundreds of patterns, and thousands of combinations.

We don't materially have the time to transpose online what you can do in store, like choosing the size and the colors of the pattern, the setting of earrings, the shape of the pendant or the type necklace. But we are doing our best ...

If during a visit you spotted a set that you cannot find here, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can present the finery of your choice as soon as possible.

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Do you have a catalog of all your designs?

No catalog of our designs will be presented on the internet.

Very few people put under cabochon (glass or resin) their own designs.
At best they buy them, ready to use, at worst they take them on the internet, without worrying about copyright. So that's theft.
And often, they sell cheaper equivalent items. This is unfair competition.

This is why we:
- remember the principle of intellectual property in our General Sales Conditions (§14),
- let's try not to give the thief an opportunity.

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Why does the color on the photo differ from that of the text?

Remember the case of the colors of "the dress" that became viral in 2015 (see article here ), even in the field of neuroscience.

In addition, the more intermediaries (the image under glass, the camera, your screen), the more the image will be altered. And what you see directly in daylight (warmer white-yellow) may differ from what you see on screen (cooler white-blue).

And the most frequent case concerns turquoise. Is it a warmer turquoise green or a cooler turquoise blue?

We are aware that the patterns presented here can be subjets of wondering, especially in the sphere of blue, cyan and turquoise, in particular concerning the patterns of the compass roses which present a light gradient in order to generate a light effect. The juxtaposition of white-gray or yellow-orange watermarks can accentuate the effect of confusion ...

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I would like to make a gift, is it possible?

You can send a gift to a third party by entering their address in the delivery address and yours in the billing address.

The invoice will not be attached to the shipment (you will find it in your personal space).
Note that for international shipments, an invoice affixed to the parcel is necessary for the customs services.
Depending on the total price of the articles, it is not impossible that customs duties are to be paid by the recipient.

When finalizing your order or by sending us a separate message (with the references of your order), let us know that you require special packaging.

You can also ask us to attach a small card with a text of your choice.
This service is offered to you.

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What payment methods do you accept?

You have several options for paying for your purchases.

Note however that the validation of the payment will trigger the preparation of the order.

- Bank card or PayPal: this is the easiest and fastest way. The order can be dispatched the next working day.

- Check in Euros: think of the banking deadlines. The cumulative total time can often exceed one week.

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When will I receive my order?

The delay depends on several factors:
1. the selected payment method,
2. the time to prepare your order,
3. the shipping method chosen,
4. the destination.

1. The confirmation of the payment is received in the day, for a transfer or a PayPal payment, it takes at least 2-3 days, and for a check, much more: time of postal routing, collection at the bank and confirmation.

2. The preparation of your order takes a few working day (case of pattern under glass cabochon or handpainted to be recreated overnight following unexpected unavailability) in a few minutes.

3. When choosing the shipping methods, estimated deadlines were displayed.

4. From France, delivering to Montréal is supposed to take longer than to Brussels. But sometimes not...

Note that if you place your order on Saturday afternoon, the postal services will only take charge of the item from the following Monday afternoon, excluding public holidays.

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Why do some articles show defaults?

The items under glass cabochon are designed and manufactured manually, individually, with alloy supports and glass cabochons supplied by third-party manufacturers.

And despite all the care taken, defaults may appear at the end of the production process, in particular:
1. tiny silver dots;
2. eccentricity of the patterns;
3. gap between the glass and its support.
The reasons are multiple and cumulative.

The workshop of La Blanche Hermine is located in a building from the 18th century, literally partly above a river where the sea rises via the Laïta ria (aber in Breton). This implies that there are few flat surfaces and that the humidity is extremely variable, so that the cabochon can slide very slightly during drying (8 to 10 hours) and that bubbles can form randomly.

In addition, the ISO standard allows tolerances in industrial processes. Thus, the drop of glass can have its diameter oscillate after cooling in its mold, it is the same for the metal support, whether molded or stamped, and also for the composition of the glue.

It is the accumulation in the wrong direction (according to Murphy's Law) of these factors that will trigger these visible defects for the only attentive eye.

However, parts where the default is too obvious are not sold and are recycled or destroyed.

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My jewel broke, what should I do?

We have found that the most common "breaks" of a piece of jewelry are:
1. broken chain on a necklace,
2. removal of the glass cabochon from its support,
3. weld failure.

1. The link is the weak point of a chain.
With two small pliers, you can easily repair the chain by repositioning the link that has opened.

2. In our manufacturing process, the motif is glued under the glass cabochon and then the whole is glued to the metal support.
There are three cases:
a. the bottom of the metal support is clearly visible, you can re-glue the cabochon with super strong glue,
b. the special paper on which the motif is printed has torn in the thickness direction (delamination process), it is hopeless,
c. the glass cabochon is peeled off from the printed pattern, you can stick the cabochon back with special jewelry glue, without guarantee of the result.

3. If the ring of a pendant breaks, or the cabochon support for a ring or a bracelet becomes detached, the alloy used does not allow glue or unprofessional welding.

In any case, we can send you on quotation the spare parts (necklace, cabochon with pattern, etc.) or whole.

Subsidiary question: can the legal guarantee against hidden defects work?

Breakage rarely happens without an accident.
According to article L211-5 of the French Consumer Code, "the goods must be suitable for the use usually expected from a very similar one".
The good here is a jewel. Wearing it in a recreational or even sporting activity highly exposes it to shocks and solvents (including water), which does not correspond to normal use.

This is why, in stores and online, La Blanche Hermine has a frank speech and strongly advises against buying jewelry for children, for example.

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Only our work is presented: we are a content creator.
Except in very exceptional cases, you will not see any third party shares.

Our pages are guaranteed to be free of pictures/videos of kittens, baby goats and other cute things that are very appealing but unrelated to our activity.

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