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Celtic jewels La Blanche Hermine : spiral, triquetra, cross, knotworks as a pendant for necklace or earrings...

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Back to the Celtic spirit!

Spiral, knotworks, triquetra and trinity knot, Celtic cross, fibulae and tartan as a jewel ...

Find here a selection of Celtic-style jewels and accessories.
As a necklace, earrings, and also as a keychain, fibula brooch, etc., as a silver, gold, bronze and even copper metal pendant, La Blanche Hermine offers you a very wide choice, for a jewel for men or women, adults, teenagers or children, boy or girl.

What is Celtic art? (origins, influences, examples)

If recognizable by the recurring presence of knotworks, spirals and key patterns, Celtic art has over time been strongly influenced by contributions including Germanic in the north and Greco-Roman in the south. So what you think is Celtic is not always of Celtic origin ...

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