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Dreamcatcher jewels La Blanche Hermine

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All our dreamcatcher jewels, for a casual summer outfit, in a hippie boho-chic spirit.

The function of the dreamcatcher is to catch dreams (of course!) that float in the air at night. Good dreams descend the web and then the feathers to reach you. Bad dreams remain imprisoned and are destroyed by the light of the rising sun. This is why you have to position the dreamcatcher facing east so that the first rays of the sun touch it (even symbolically with the shutters closed).

Whatever the Native American Nations, the same symbolic references of the dreamcatcher components are found.
The circle represents unity in the universe, such as the races of the sun and the moon, or the passing of time.
The spider and its web have a strong protective dimension, knowing the difference between good and evil.
The feathers are the breath of air and the vital breathing, the energy and the presence of spirits.
As for dreams, they are not confined only to the night but also extend into the day, hence the importance given to their interpretation.

To wear such a piece of jewelry, near the head as earrings, or near the heart as a necklace pendant, is to benefit from practices that come from time immemorial.

And what if you design your custom dreamcatcher jewel?