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Red compass rose - Gold Necklace + pendant


Gold Necklace, yellow on red Compass rose pendant

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Gold Necklace, yellow on red Compass rose pendant

Necklace: 3x2mm link chain with metal lobster claw clasp
Length: 45 cm
Material: plated alloy
Color: Gold
This 45 cm chain is timeless and fits all pendants.
La Blanche Hermine always adds an extra ring 7-8 cm from the end of the chain so the pendant is closer to the neck.

Pattern: Compass rose
Pattern color: yellow on red
Ø25mm round glass cabochon
Setting color: golden
At the time (fifteenth or sixteenth century), it was not yet the standard to position the north at the top of a map, one or more compass roses were inserted.
Some old sea charts (portulans) were very richly ornamented, dedicated to a prince or an admiral. They were of course not made to be used at sea.
And on the richest manuscripts, the compass roses can be particularly complex with geometric, mechanical and floral patterns, which, mounted in jewelry, look a lot like Art Nouveau.


Data sheet

Necklace with pendant
3x2mm link 45cm chain
Material 1
Plated (iron) alloy
Color 1
Metal setting and pattern under cabochon
Material 2
Plated (zinc/copper) alloy
Color 2
Glass Ø25 mm
Compass rose
Pattern color
yellow on red