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La Blanche Hermine BZH - Jewels & Accessories
Craftman and shopkeeper in Brittany, France, La Blanche Hermine (ie The White Stoat) is specialized in theme jewelry and accessories:
- historical (Celtic, Viking, Antiquity...),
- symbolice (flower and tree of life, chakras, paganism...),
- trendy (boho-chic, gothic, steampunk...),
or just aesthetic...

We design ourselves the patterns under a glass cabochon, to be mounted as a pendant for example, to create almost unique jewelry that you will not find anywhere else.

A little bit of history...

Initially, it was out of a passion for illumination and ornamentation that we created authentically historical patterns from medieval manuscripts, sea charts or Japanese prints.

Also out of taste for the object and for the manufacturing processes, we have declined these patterns to design jewelry and accessories by exploring various techniques.
This is why you will find in our collections knotworks from the famous Book of Kells, spirals from the Lindisfarne Gospels, compass roses from maps and portulans of old, to traditional Japanese or Scottish fabric (tartan/plaid) patterns.

If we do not (yet) manufacture metal pendants, it is thanks to all this research in the original sources that we can explain (especially in our workshop) the origins of a ppatern and the interpretation of a symbol represented on a charm or under a cabochon.

The presence of boho-chic, gothic or steampunk style jewelry can therefore seem incongruous. But these movements have very strong historical and cultural origins and influences as well. Hence our interest.

A jewel is made for beauty. Isn't it even better if it means something?

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