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Model: Lucie

Usually rather reserved by nature but always looking for new experiences, I let myself be tempted by the proposal and agreed to slip into the shoes of a photo model for a few hours.
In my eyes, self-expression and the transmission of one's creativity, as well as one's inspirations, are essential. They encourage authenticity and innovation.
It is through my passion for music, and more specifically singing, that I am used to showing my emotions and giving free rein to my artistic creativity.
Like music, photography allows you to confront the judgments of others but also to learn to accept yourself by improving your own view. This contributes to the development of a better understanding of oneself and one's own image while gradually strengthening one's self-confidence.
Daring to pose behind the lens of a photographer was an enriching experience but not an easy one. It was an opportunity to begin to reconcile myself with my reflection.

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