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Special aromatherapy lockets necklaces La Blanche Hermine

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La Blanche Hermine proposes necklaces with an opening medallion.

A felt pad is always provided to use the pendant in aromatherapy.

Some perfumes or essential oils can react on contact with the skin and create either redness or allergies.
With just a drop on the felt pad, you will enjoy all the benefits of the essential oil or the pleasure fragrance of your choice without risking interaction with your skin.

The pendants are associated with a 5x3mm convict chain, 60cm in length.
More info about our necklaces ...

The locket can only be opened when the chain is removed.
To do this, open and remove the pad attached to the lobster clasp then slide the chain.
You can then replace the mirror with the felt pad to perfume, change the felt for a new essential oil, or put an image or small objects of your choice.
The sheet of each of our articles presents a photo of the open medallion.

Our advice

Are you changing your perfume? Change the pad!

Dedicate a felt pad exclusively to a single perfume or a single essential oil.

Even if you no longer smell, the felt pad retains some components which, mixed with another perfume or another essential oil, may generate an unpleasant result.

La Blanche Hermine does not propose additional pads for sale.
Why? The cost of these parts would, in our opinion, be way too expensive for you when you add up the selling price and the shipping costs.

We encourage you to create these felt pads yourself.
You must know someone who does sewing (especially after the period of anti-COVID home made masks) and who has scraps to give you.
You can also get felt at almost any DIY/hobby and fabric store. You will then have the choice of colors.
And even if you do not cut a perfect circle, under the medallion, it will not be visible.

One last tip ...

The felt that we find today is rarely natural, but synthetic.
It is better to systematically test your perfume or essential oil beforehand on a small sample of fabric and let stand for a few hours.
Do you ever know ...